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Laser Therapy for Pain in Wilmington, NC

Center for Pain Management Has the Best Laser Therapy for Pain Management in Wilmington, NC. We Are Open 5 Days a Week to Make Sure We Can Help You With Your Chronic Pain. Call Us Today to See if Laser Therapy Is Right for You.

Laser Therapy for Pain Wilmington NC

For patients with chronic pain, it can be difficult to find non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical therapies that work. At Center for Pain Management in Wilmington, we strive to offer our patients the pain relief they deserve by providing exceptional therapies using cutting-edge technology. If you are interested in pain reduction without prescription drugs or surgical intervention, our laser therapy for pain may be the solution you have been waiting for. This cold laser therapy used at Center for Pain Management promotes natural healing, is non-invasive & non-pharmaceutical. Call us to learn more.

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy is a method of pain treatment that utilizes FDA-approved lasers to perform Photomodulation, a process by which photons enter deep tissue in the painful area and trigger internal processes within the body that can increase cellular metabolism while reducing pain and inflammation. Laser therapy has been demonstrated to provide long-lasting relief from pain for patients with both acute and chronic conditions. Some patients may require several sessions or ongoing treatment in order to attain their best possible results.

What laser system does Center for Pain Management use?

At Center for Pain Management, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the very best laser therapies available on the market today. That is why we use the Theralase TLC-2000 system. The TLC-2000 laser system is approved by the FDA and has also received clearance from every primary regulatory agency for use in pain therapy. The TLC-2000 has been proven effect through the course of more than 4,000 clinical studies, so you know you are receiving the highest level of care possible.

What do laser treatments for pain reduction feel like?

One of the most obvious benefits of laser therapy for pain is that the treatments themselves are incredibly comfortable. Unlike surgery or even cortisone shots, laser treatments are painless, with many patients reporting a gentle warming sensation in the treatment area. Laser therapy is a fast and effective treatment method that requires no recovery time. Generally, patients are able to return to all of their normal activities immediately following their treatment sessions. In addition, the sessions themselves are very quick, often completed in about 15-30 minutes, depending on the size and depth of the area to be treated.

How many treatments will I need?

At Center for Pain Management, your comfort and safety are our priority. For patients seeking to relieve their pain through laser therapy, it is important to remember that every case is totally unique. The number of treatments required and the expected total benefit will vary depending on your body, your injury, and how well your tissue responds to treatment. When you come to our center for treatment, your experienced and knowledgeable doctor will be able to better answer specific questions you may have regarding your treatment.

If you are suffering from an acute injury or chronic pain and are interested in what non-invasive laser therapy with the Theralase TLC-2000 system can do for you, please call Center for Pain Management in Wilmington, NC today to schedule your first appointment. Let our dedicated and professional staff help you understand your treatment options, so you can make informed decisions regarding your pain treatment. We want to help you achieve your desired goals as quickly as possible and take the first step toward a life free from pain.

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